FmPro Layout Diff 1.0: FmPro Layout Diff - Compares FileMaker Layouts - No DDR Required

FmPro Layout Diff 1.0

layout image info is instantly read directly from the clippings file by FmPro Layout Diff. Compare Layouts by Field ID or Field Name - Layouts can also be compared by Field ID or Field Name, to provide for the comparison of different layouts or different versions of the same layout within a single file. Export Layout Details as Excel or XML Files - Some layouts may be so large that it becomes useful to export the info into a spreadsheet or other

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Print Layout Designer 2.0: Advanced print designer and dynamic printing tool for small business.

Print Layout Designer 2.0

Layout Designer applies to dynamic printing service. It contains abundant templates for printing design to create dynamic printings. The program runs in an Office 2007 style, and is very easy to operate. By using Print Layout Designer, users can fast design business cards, labels, print layout or other typesetting works. What is unique, Print Layout Designer supports dynamic publishing by attaching to database. Print Layout Designer is professional

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Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 2.0: Desktop publishing software for layout design and dynamic business printing.

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 2.0

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is widely used in business printing. It contains abundant templates for printing design, to create dynamic printings. The program runs in an Office 2007 style, and is very easy for handling. By using this program, user is able to fast design business cards, labels, print layout or other typesetting works. Which was unique, Print Layout for Desktop Publishing supports dynamic publishing by attaching to database.

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Website Layout Maker 3.76: Create amazing website quickly and easily with Website Layout Maker.

Website Layout Maker 3.76

Layout Maker. Just drag and drop layouts for creating a website. It reduces the effort needed to make website. You can also easily edit because the created site is fully div-tag-based. It provides three stages, Theme, Layout and Element. Theme stage, pick a theme from various pre-made themes. Layout stage, set, resize and copy layout easily. Element stage, provide powerful and various options such as shading background. You can use all these stages

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Flexi CSS Layouts for Dreamweaver 1.0.259: Flexi CSS Layouts is a Dreamweaver Extension for CSS Layouts

Flexi CSS Layouts for Dreamweaver 1.0.259

Layouts main features * Generates Css layouts with Table-less code * Adding DIV columns and rows as simple as adding Table cells * There are no limitations to the way you build your layout * Unlimited DIV levels * Fixed, Liquid or Elastic CSS layouts with 1, 2 or 3 columns * Web 2.0 and full layout templates * Can be customized by adding more DIV cells * Section page layouts for existing websites * Any type of page content * Edit CSS settings for

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PDFLayout Plus 1.0: PDFLayout Plus - A developer dll - royalty free! All attributes page by page.

PDFLayout Plus 1.0

PDFLayout Plus - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free! All layout-properties page by page. You can use it with delphi, vb(a), C, C++ and all other well known programming environments (.NET, too!). Please try it before you buy. The functions are: GetPDFPageCount GetPDFFormat GetPDFPageWidth GetPDFPageHeight GetPDFLayerCount GetPDFPageLayout GetPDFPageMode GetPDFeFonts shows the embedded fonts.

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Naevius Facebook Layouts 1.0: Convenient tool for styling your Facebook layout

Naevius Facebook Layouts 1.0

Naevius Facebook Layouts is a convenient tool for styling your Facebook layout. Using the application you to embellish your Facebook layout beyond recognition. They also make your profile look cool, and they`re FREE so start expressing yourself today!

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Cuttix 1.2.767.11023: Rectangular sheet and part nesting layout optimization software

Cuttix 1.2.767.11023

layouts for various materials including wood, plywood, glass, metal, etc. Optimized sheet layouts can be easily turned into reports using built-in and custom report templates. Multiple materials can be optimized in a single project allowing for layout optimization to use all CPUs and CPU cores in your system making it a true multi-processor layout optimizer. Cuttix optimization software always finds optimal layouts for very complex mixture of available

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mdRUNTIMEDESIGNER 1.0.4: Comfortable und powerful runtime designer for your customers.


layout designer to your customers. The integration into your projects is very easy: mdRUNTIMEDESIGNER is a container control, so simply add all controls to this container and your customers then are able to change the layout at runtime. The optional visible toolbox provides additional layout possibilities to the end users. mdRUNTIMEDESIGNER has this features: * Supports all controls derived from the Control-class. * Loading and saving of layout-information

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KbdEdit 1.1.11: Keyboard Layout Editor for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista (32, 64 bit)

KbdEdit 1.1.11

layout can become a part of the Language Bar list in no time, and from that point on it is accessible from any Windows application. Your changes are localized strictly to the custom layouts created with KbdEdit. Windows standard layouts, as well as layouts created with other tools, are protected from any accidental damage. Deploying a custom layout elsewhere is as easy as exporting it in KBE format and using the "Import" feature on the target computer

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